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《感官足球2006》(Sensible Soccer 2006)Clone版--更新破解版

软件大小:673.66 MB
中文名称: 感官足球2006
英文名称: Sensible Soccer 2006
版本: Clone版--更新破解版
发行时间: 2006年
地区: 美国

开发:Kuju Entertainment

1) Unpack
2) Mount with latest version of deamon-tools and securom loader
or burn using Blindwrite 4.5.7, 4x speed DAO PW, hit yes to
include physical characters
3) Install
4) When mounted use Curerom to bypass blacklisting
5) Play

(Sensible Soccer 2006)是一款卡通风格的足球游戏,游戏特点:


苘苘 苘?
苒圹圹圹 圹哌哌咣
苒圹圹 圹圯 P i r a c y i s N O T a ... 圹圹圹圹?圯
苒圹? 捋圹? 圹鄄膊圹圹?圯
苒圹? 圹圹 苘 圹鄄圹圹圹圹圹
苒圹? 捋槽? 佰圹? 圹圹圹圻 圹?
苒圹? 圹圹 圹圹? 圹槽圹? 辈圯
苒圹? 圹圹 槽郯 鄄圹?
捋圹圯 圹鄄圯 圹? 鄄圯
圹圹? 圹膊圹 圹圹圹? 捋圹? 鄄圹
捋圹? 圹鄄圹 圹圹圹郾 捋圹圯 苘? 圹? 圹 捋圹圹鄄脖卑?
圹圹 圹圹圹 捋圹佰圹?圹槽? 圹圹 圹圹 圹圹 咣圹圹圹圹圹
捋圹? 槽圹? 薏圹 圹?捋槽? 圹鄄圹圹槽 圹圹 苒圹圹?
圹圹 臂? 佰 圹? 圹圹 捋膊圹圹槽圹鄄? 茌 苒圹圹?
捋圹? ? 圻 ?捋? 圹槽? 圹圹槽圹 鄄圹鄄? 圹? 苒圹圻
捋捋 圹 圹?圹鄄? 圹圹圹圹 圹圹 圹?圹? 圹圹圻 苘
鄄捋 圹? 捋槽圹圹圹圹圹 圹圹 圹圹 鄄圹圹 圹圹? 圹?
鄄捋 圹? 捋槽圹 圹圹圹?捋圯 槽? 圹圹? 捋圹? 圹圯
鄄捋 圹? 捋圹圯 捋圹圯 圹 圹槽? 苒鄄圹?
鄄槽 圹圹 哌? 鄄槽? 苒圹鄄圹?
圹槽? 圹圹? 圹槽圹圹圹圹槽圻
捋圹圹圹圹圹 捋鄄槽圹槽圹圻
?圹槽圹圹圻 哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪您 捋圹圹圹圻 哪哪靠
? 圹圹圹? 揽
? Sensible Soccer 2006 (C) Codemasters ?
揽 ?
?-- ? ---?
: Release date : 08/06/2006 ? Retail date : 09/06/2006 :
? Protection : Securom 7 ? Release size : 1 CD ?
? Release type : BW CloneCD ? Game type : Sports ?
? ? ?
谀哪哪您 Game Notes 哪哪?
Renowned as the greatest multiplayer kick-about ever, Sensible
Soccer will return with a modern take on its trademark zoomed
out camera and truly intuitive control system, which delivers
total 360-degree control over your players' kicks and
movement. Visually, the game will have a distinctive new
graphical style, which includes cel-shaded players with the
classic enlarged heads, designed to appeal both to fans of the
series and appeal to a new generation of gamers.
* The top-down view allows you to see the build up play better
than you can in any current football game. This gives the
player a huge degree of tactical awareness and control that
has never been bettered.
* Sensible Soccer will come loaded with masses of teams and
players, multiplayer games for up to four players, and 50
preset competitions from all over the world.
* In addition to the pre-set tournaments, Sensible Soccer will
feature a DIY Competition mode, which enables you to play
cups, leagues and tournaments with your own competition
* You'll also be able to create your own Dream Team in the
game's Custom Career Mode and play them in any of the
competitions. As you clock up the wins for your squad,
you'll be rewarded with over 100 unlocks and upgrades, both
useful and comedic, to customise your players with including
Five Star Skill Bonuses for players and Dinner Jacket
football kits!
Our release of Rush For Berlin gave some people questions.
We didn't include dpm information in mds file because this is
completely useless since rmps emulation have been blocked by
the used version of starforce 3.7.16.x even using scsi drives.
Still this release without rmps have been tested at some
systems and seems to load mounted with latest version of
deamon tools.
Also we are known of the fact that some systems doesn't pass
the cd check of starforce.
We don't have a solution for this problem at this moment but
when we have we will release a fix.
Then it has also been confirmed that burning this release
without any rmps emulation will work with some burners
we tested with the Sony dvd+rw and a Verbatim dvdr-rw.
谀哪哪您 Install Notes 您 哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪?
1) Unpack
2) Mount with latest version of deamon-tools and securom loader
or burn using Blindwrite 4.5.7, 4x speed DAO PW, hit yes to
include physical characters
3) Install
4) When mounted use Curerom to bypass blacklisting
5) Play
? ?
: :
滥肿 CRIME '06 ]哪哪哪哪哪? 哪哪哪哪哪[ AsC~PURE-C ]哪?

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