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Arichive -《Lights》[MP3!]

软件大小:79.96 MB
专辑中文名: Lights
歌手: Arichive
资源格式: MP3
发行时间: 2006年05月23日
地区: 美国
语言: 英语

In 1996, Archive brought you the blissed-out classic, Londinium. In 1999, they delivered Take My Head, a collection of symphonic torch songs for the New Millennium. In 2002 the band were again treading pastures new. The result was You All Look The Same To Me, a self-produced hard-hitting, heart-raw opus. In 2003 they recorded a soundtrack and score for Luc Bessons Michel Vaillant film, and the anthemic sound of the 4th album Noise quickly followed.
Long-term Archivists Darius & Danny tweak and refine their soundscapes with taste and flair, scuffing-up a drum-loop here, adding dream-dust there. Baroque-sounding keyboards blend timbres and textures as judiciously as Talk Talks Spirit Of Eden, Portisheads Dummy, or My Bloody Valentines Loveless.
Signed to Warner Music France, throughout Europe, Archive are going from strength to strength and are enjoying huge exposure through touring. Their live shows are a spectacle to behold; the energy the band exude is awe inspiring and there is no doubt that this band should be seen live.
Archive bring a sound so unique; their raw and intense moments so emotional and beautiful, the beautiful ones so desperate and painful. Archive beat down the sound barriers that so many bands and artistes are hindered by. The wall of sound that they are creating is becoming so big it's difficult to see where it will end.
1. Sane 4:26
2. Sit back down 6:36
3. Veins 4:01
4. System 4:01
5. Fold 4:37
6. Lights 18:29
7. I will fade 3:08
8. Headlights 3:32
9. Programmed 5:45
10.Black 2:52
11.Taste of blood 4:35

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