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David Bowie -《Hunky Dory》[APE]

软件大小:231.30 MB
专辑中文名: Hunky Dory
歌手: David Bowie
资源格式: APE
发行时间: 1971年
地区: 美国
语言: 英语

以下的中文介绍节选自 lycher 所发 David Bowie -《David Bowie全集》(已更新至28张)[MP3!]
David Bowie早期作品中极为成功的一张专辑《Hunky Dory》。David有些妩媚的嗓音和邪气的歌曲加上晦涩又有些放纵古怪的歌词融合成一种美妙的风格,独特的,只属于David自己的音乐,在这张专辑中发挥到了某种顶点,《Hunky Dory》是一张很有地下丝绒感觉的专辑,David把自己的嗓音发挥得随心所欲,音乐风格开始成熟。在这张专辑里他唱了曾给地下丝绒制作过最着名香蕉封面的波普大师Andy Warhol,歌曲的名字就叫做《Andy Warhol》他在几十年之后扮演了这位一直很感兴趣的画家。还有给Bob Dylan的歌,以及向地下丝绒致敬的《Queen Bitch》。
The precursor to Bowie's masterpiece, The Rise And Fall of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars, Hunky Dory points in many of the same musical directions as Ziggy, with Bowie camping it up outrageously through a mixture of cabaret piano, coquettish lyrics and soaring vocals. After the hard rock "The Man Who Sold The World", Mick Ronson's guitar is turned down in favour of plenty of piano and acoustic guitar, as Bowie proves his mettle as a masterful singer-songwriter. Not a dull note is struck on the whole album, which flits from opener "Changes" to the vampy "Oh! You Pretty Thing" to the heart-wrenching "Life On Mars" with a seemingly impeccable ear for a tune. Flirty, sexy and irresistibly seductive. --Amber Cowan
01 - Changes
02 - Oh! You Pretty Things
03 - Eight Line Poem
04 - Life On Mars
05 - Kooks
06 - Quicksand
07 - Fill Your Heart
08 - Andy Warhol
09 - Song For Bob Dylan
10 - Queen Bitch
11 - The Bewlay Brothers
12 - Bombers (Previously Unreleased)
13 - The Supermen (Alternate Version)
14 - Quicksand (Demo Version)
15 - The Bewlay Brothers (Alternate Mix)

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