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中文名: 世界大百科全书光盘版
原名: The.World.Book.Encyclopedia.2005.Deluxe.Edition
资源格式: 光盘镜像
版本: V9.00
发行时间: 2005年
地区: 美国

The World Book Encyclopedia 2005 is a truly student-friendly CD reference resource. It's been thoroughly updated with thousands of revised articles and hundreds of new entries, maps, tables, and illustrations. Superior navigation with clear labeling and easily accessible entries helps young scholars retrieve crucial information. Includes: 56 animations and simulations 2,241 tables and timelines 10,643 photo and illustrations 640 new illustrations and maps 267 new articles 42 new table 4,000+ newly revised entries
The World Book Encyclopedia 2005 Deluxe Edition v9.00
- The World's Favorite Encyclopedia.
- Trusted by Parents,Teachers,and Librarians since 1917.
"...The World Book Encyclopedia
on CD-ROM is highly recommended
for high school,public,and
academic libraries...as well as for
home collections..."
--Library Journal, Nov. 1,2003
* Contains every article from the famous 22-volume print edition, plus thousands more!
* NEW! 900+ new articles, maps,and illustrations added for 2005. 4000+ revised articles.
* Homework Tool Kit and Wizards.
* Full-length videos, simulations, and animations.
* 100+ breathtaking panoramas.
This is one of the Best Encyclopedias there is and it's also very language friendly.
- Windows ME/2000/98/NT 4.0/XP
- Windows Single-User
- ISBN: 0-7166-8313-X
- SKU: 10558
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  • 名称:《世界大百科全书光盘版》(The.World.Book.Encyclopedia.2005.Deluxe.Edition)V9.00[光盘镜像]
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