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《CCNA Network Visualizer》(CCNA Network Visualizer)5.0.09

软件大小:74.50 MB
中文名: CCNA Network Visualizer
英文名: CCNA Network Visualizer
别名: RouterSim
版本: 5.0.09
发行时间: 2006年05月09日
制作发行: RouterSim,LLC.
地区: 美国

软件分类: 国外软件 / 零售版 / 模拟器
文件大小: 75M
适用平台: NT/2000/XP/2003
[已通过安全检测]卡巴斯基服务器版4.5 病毒库:2006-6-9
共享服务时间:每天 9:00 - 21:00
共享服务器:DonkeyServer No1-2

RouterSim's CCNA Network Visualizer 5.0 is a CCNA network simulator that offers more features and flexibility than any product on the market. You can design, build and configure your own network with drag and drop design. With a program that offers over 470 commands and over 220 supported labs, you are empowered to build, test and preview any kind of network and environment you want! CCNA Network Visualizer 5.0 is tailor-made for:
1) The individual studying for the Cisco CCNA 640-801 exam.
2) Corporate trainers and employees.
3) Instructors
4) Students at Cisco Networking Academies
5) Students at colleges, universities, and technical institutes
Over 220 supported labs match up well with Todd Lammle’s best selling Sybex CCNA Study Guide and the Cisco Networking Academy Program CCNA 1 and 2 Lab Companion.
Some of the features ...
1) Net Assessment ... You can test your problem solving and troubleshooting skills. Learn more ...
2) Net Connect ... You can now chat with other users, connect your local networks, and connect to remote networks of other users. Learn more ...
3) Net Packet Monitor ... You can view a packet real time as it travels through your network.
May '06 Update (build 5.0.09)
Fixed drag-and-drop problem from the Device List for the 2950 Switch and the 3550 Switch.
Fixed problem where connections to/from devices were not connected when network reloaded.
Fixed issue with the "show ip ospf neighbor" command to handle multiple areas correctly.
Fixed issue with the "show ip eigrp neighbors" command not working.
Fixed issue with Hosts being able to ping outside of their vlan when shouldn't be allowed.
Fixed issue with the "show ip ospf interface" command displaying the incorrect network state.
Fixed issue with protocols updates not set to the correct hop count.

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