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中文名: (6月11新增LINUX版本并新增注册机) php开发环境5.2
英文名: ZendStudio-5_2_0.
版本: 目前的最新版本。
发行时间: 2006年
制作发行: zend
地区: 美国

ZEND STUDIO 是一个集成的php开发环境。
个人的感觉不错。尤其是在调试 的时候。
版本: Personal Pro 5.0.227
病毒库:2006-06-04 00:37:45
共享条件:电信ADSL 2M带宽,上载理论64K,平均50K。
共享服务器:一般在DonkeyServer No1
[通过安装测试]WindowsXP SP2

zend stuido 分为三个版本。标准版本和个人版本还有企业版本。

Zend Studio Standard
Zend Studio Standard is designed with beginning PHP programmers in mind.
It is the perfect development tool for PHP beginners, as well as for advanced
programmers who need a powerful editor and local debugger. It includes
Zend Studio’s most complete editor with support for PHP 4 and PHP 5, HTML,
Javascript, XML, CSS, plus its powerful local debugger.
Zend Studio Professional
Zend Studio Professional is the most advanced Integrated Development
Environment (IDE) available for professional PHP developers. Through a
comprehensive set of editing, debugging, analysis, and optimization tools,
Zend Studio Professional speeds development cycles and simplifies complex
projects. Designed with business application development needs in mind, it is
the perfect development environment for developers creating robust database
applications with PHP.
Zend Studio Professional was expressly engineered to deliver ease-of-use,
scalability, reliability, and extensibility that professional developers need.
Studio Professional provides a rich interface and a robust advanced debugger,
plus: integrated database components and tools, and complete connectivity to
IBM DB2/Cloudscape/ Derby, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and
Microsoft SQL Server. Studio Professional also supplies over 50 sample
database applications in PHP, support for PHP 4 and PHP 5, Code templates,
secure remote debugging, SFTP, FTP over SSL and improved FTP for secure
remote uploading and debugging, and one-click browser debugging.
Additionally, Studio Professional delivers tight CVS and Subversion integration,
Project wizards, a Site Profiler, more than 100 code snippets, and PHPDoc and
PHPDocumentor support. Studio Professional also integrates with Zend
Platform for real time feedback on code and script performance on a live
Zend Studio Enterprise
Zend Studio Enterprise is a complete PHP development solution. This solution
covers the entire development lifecycle from initial development to testing,
and finally to staging. By combining the leading Integrated Development
Environment (IDE) for PHP with a testing environment that speeds quality
assurance, integration, and staging processes, Studio Enterprise ensures best
practices of software development in PHP. Studio Enterprise provides tools for
building, testing, and delivering high performance applications.
With Zend Studio Enterprise, you get all that Zend Studio Professional has to
offer, plus a platform for monitoring, identifying and resolving code, and
application performance issues.
Zend Studio Enterprise uniquely pinpoints bottlenecks and generates reports
on script, query, and overall application performance. It generates an Audit
Trail from which you can assign errors to fellow developers and fix them
directly. Debugging can be done directly on the staging platform. The
development environment can be customized for increased flexibility. Userdefined
Alert Rules can be created to set a specific threshold for each alert
and User-defined Actions can be set to send immediate reports on critical
errors via email, or generate XML messages to existing systems such as SMS,
bug tracking, CRM, etc. Also included is a Java Bridge feature for easy
integration of Java applications.

Zend Studio 是专业开发人员在使用PHP整个开发周期中唯一的集成开发环境 (IDE),它包括了PHP所有必须的开发部件。通过一整套编辑、调试、分析、优化和数据库工具,Zend Studio 加速开发周期,并简化复杂的应用方案
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《(6月11新增LINUX版本并新增注册机) php开发环境5.2》(ZendStudio-5_2_0.)目前的最新版本。下载

《(6月11新增LINUX版本并新增注册机) php开发环境5.2》(ZendStudio-5_2_0.)目前的最新版本。评论


  • 名称:《(6月11新增LINUX版本并新增注册机) php开发环境5.2》(ZendStudio-5_2_0.)目前的最新版本。
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