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《新街法 第一季》(New Street Law Series1)更新到第8集[TVRip]

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【类型】: 剧情
【影片长度】: 平均60分钟
【字幕】: 暂无

John Hannah stars as Jack Roper, a principled young barrister from a working-class background who has set up his own defence-only chambers. He turned down a lucrative offer from old mentor Laurence Scammel QC (Paul Freeman) to do it. Now he's locked in rivalry with Scammel, who heads Manchester's leading prosecution chambers.
Working with Jack are lovable chancer Charlie Darling (John Thomson, old friend Al Ware (Chris Gascoyne), no-nonsense Annie Quick (Lara Cazalet) and cocky pupil barrister Joe Stevens.
Jack's confidence grows with every case he wins, threatening Laurence's position in the legal community. That's something Laurence's ambitious wife Honor (Penny Downie) is determined to prevent. Meanwhile, her daughter, fellow barrister, Laura (Lisa Faulkner) finds herself drawn to Jack's instinctive passion for justice.
New Street Law strikes at the very heart of the modern-day legal system, providing a unique insight into the world of opposing legal teams and the people whose lives they hold in their hands.
Julie Gardner, Executive Producer for the BBC, explains New Street Law's appeal. "As this smart and clever weekly series progresses, the character's pasts are unearthed through the gripping human interest stories that they deal with and the crises they face. It is through their professional dilemmas that we will gradually get to know and care about them as people."
Nichola Shindler, of Red Production company, adds, "We've been able to attract such a great cast because of the complex and intersting characters who inhabit the world of New Street Law. this is a modern take on the legal drama with challenging weekly legal stories as well as compelling relationship development for our main characters."
And GF Newman, of One Eyed Dog Productions, has this to say: "Sometimes the law is an ass, so too are some of its practitioners; but sometimes they are heroes who help to deliver justice."
BBC电视台2006年新剧,由曾出演木乃伊系列的John Hannah 领衔,讲述英国当代司法体系的故事。
Jack Roper(John Hannah )是一位出身于工人阶级的出庭辩护律师,他拒绝了曼彻斯特首席检察官,也是他的导师Laurence Scammel QC 的邀请,建立了自己的辩护团队,与Laurence成为法庭上的对手,为追求司法公正而战。在法庭一次次击败对手Laurence的同时,他的热忱的正义感也深深吸引了Laurence的千金,同为出庭辩护律师Laura 。

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